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From desktop installations to complex network environments, cloud solutions and more, we serve businesses with 1 – 50 employees.  Our managers and engineers have over 40 years of combined experience, and an unshakable commitment to your complete satisfaction.
Desktop Services
Whether you need to install a printer, remove a virus, back up your hard drive, or update your laptops or desktop computers, no job is too small for us.
  • Troubleshooting your Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Mac OS.
  • Virus, malware, spyware threat detection and removal.
  • Data backup and disaster recovery.
  • Hardware failure troubleshooting and replacement.
  • LOBs (Line-of-Business) applications, including but not limited to: QuickBooks, various tax software, legal, medical, AutoCAD, graphic design, etc.
  • Microsoft Office 2003, 2007 and 2010 upgrades, including versioning and compatibility issues.
Network Services
LAN (Local Area Networks)
LAN is the “geeky” term for your basic IT infrastructure, which comprises your computer(s), server, printers, and other peripherals. Each component must function properly, as even tiny problems can bring your entire operation to a grinding halt or affect productivity. We design, install and customize new LANs. If you already have one and experience any issues with your network, call us. We will test, troubleshoot and improve your LAN’s performance at all levels of the communication process.
  • LAN design, installation and testing.
  • Managed and unmanaged Ethernet switches installation.
  • Network speed and performance analysis.
  • Ethernet cabling: Cat5, Cat5e and Fiber runs.
  • Wi-Fi routers and Access Point installation and specialized setups
    (we can make your Wi-Fi network work where others have failed).
  • Installation and setup of network printers, print servers or network Copiers.
  • Network Attached Storage (NAS) installation and setup.

WAN (Internet Connectivity)
The WAN or Wide Area Network is your gateway to the Internet. It is therefore crucial that it be as secure and stable as possible. Installing DSL, Cable, Fiber or T-1 Internet broadband services in your office doesn’t guarantee that you will have a reliable Internet connection. Your Internet Service Provider (or ISP) will limit itself to installing the Internet gateway (router, DSL or cable modem), but the rest of the process is entirely in your hands.

The IT Group can set up your Internet connection or troubleshoot any Internet connectivity issue you might be experiencing. We can also implement an array of security devices (such as “Firewalls”) to protect your internal network from any Internet threat, such as viruses and spyware.
  • Setup and configuration of Broadband devices such as DSL, Cable, Fiber and T-1.
  • Installation and setup of security devices (“Firewalls”).
  • Installation and setup of Ethernet routers.
  • Segmentation of your different networks (WAN and LAN).
Server Services (If your company doesn’t have a server please read this article)
Your server needs and deserves special attention. It is the “brain” of your operation and the place where all you files, data, pictures and everything else reside. What could be more important than that? If your server goes down your business cannot function. At The IT Group we’re obsessive about keeping your server healthy and in perfect working order, so you can enjoy uninterrupted service and data availability. Our expertise in Server Management is second to none and any issue with your server it is always treated as an emergency.
  • General support for Windows Server 2008 & 2003 platforms.
  • Specialized support for Microsoft Exchange Server technologies.
  • Small Business and Corporate level Backup Solutions.
  • File server structuring and multi-level department deployments.
  • Assisted support for 3rd party industry related software Client/Server.
  • Microsoft SQL Server installation and Administration.
  • Microsoft Terminal Server installation and setup
  • SharePoint Services installation and setup
Mobile Computing Services
Laptops, notebooks, Blackberries, iPads, tablet PCs, IPhones, Android and Windows phones can free you from your desk while offering you a mind-blowing array of applications. However, they all have one thing in common: they must be connected to your company’s server in order to access and share your data. Our engineers at The IT Group will configure your equipment so you can start enjoying the convenience and mobility you desire.
  • Outlook Anywhere for your laptop or remote desktop.
  • Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES) - Hosted in our server or yours
  • Setup of Blackberry Internet Services (BIS) with your Wireless provider
  • ActiveSync for IPhones, IPads, Android and Windows phones

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